What is Razer Blade?

Razer BladeRazer blade is an impossibly thin gaming laptop launched by the renowned gaming laptop manufacturers RAZAER. Working on the motto, "Gaming anywhere anytime", the marvelous laptop facilitates the best gaming experience without compromising the performance. Being the best example of technology and innovation, the laptop is best in its form and function.

Razer blade is a stand-alone entry characterized by thin and light weight design. Weighing 4.1lbs and measuring just 0.66 inches, the laptop is the most pleasing answer to all gaming needs. With keen and careful research, the company has made it compact with simpler but superior components. Based on best engineering principles such as thermal design power, Touch point engineering and modified cooling system, the device handle essentially all applications with remarkable efficiency. The laptop, generally tuned for terrific performance and matchless customer experience remains an exclusive launch for those obsessed with gaming.

Razer Blade Technical Specifications

Razer blade, the praiseworthy gaming machine is marked with benchmark features. Complemented with the ultrasensitive gaming trackpad, the back-lit keyboard possesses programmable keys placed explicitly for the dedicated gamers. The laptop features three USB ports, Ethernet and HDMI ports to be connected with high-tech devices such as HDTV and home Theater V4. With 8GB of 1600MHZ DDR3L memory, the laptop is 4 times faster than the traditional notebook hard drives. It lets you load your game faster than ever before.

The real taste of game lies in its screen appearance. Its 1,920 x 1,080 pixel screen added with optimal brightness and resolution make it the best gaming device. With next generation NVIDIA GeForce gaming grade graphics, the laptop meets every graphic requirement, thus bringing you favorite graphic intensive games just in front on your laptop screen. The other features include built-in stereo speakers, 3.5mm microphone/headphone and built-in HD webcam. Moreover, the laptop is provided with synapse 2.0 software meant for configuring controls and assigning macros to peripherals. It saves the settings to the cloud so that laptop may meet all set of control requirements. Besides gaming, the system links to other applications such as facebook, twitter and others, even when you are playing, without interrupting the game.

Setting Standards for new Gaming Laptop

Razer blade has set standards for the future gaming laptops. Being a mix of style, technology and excellence, it is able to handle every game you wish to play. There is no other laptop offering such stunning audio and visual features for the game lovers.